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HFR system name:


Spatial location:

Mediterranean Sea - Adriatic Sea - Gulf of Trieste (GoT)

Sites (frequency):

AURI 24.635, PIRA 24.525, IZOL 24.5, TRI1 24.525



Owning institution:


Operating institution:


EDMO code:

120, 1229, 1755, 1010

Contact names:

Laura Ursella; Branko Čermelj; Daniela Turk; Matjaž Ličer; Cardin Vanessa; Davide Lombardo; Deponte Davide; Simone Martini; Federico Pittaluga; Giorgio Bolzon; Damir Dezeljin

Contact emails:;;;;;;;;;;

Time coverage:

2021 - present

The NAdr network is a WERA HF Radar System, retrieving surface currents and waves every 30′ in the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic Sea). It is composed by four antennas emitting at a central frequency of 24.5 MHz. They produce data every 30 minutes, with spatial resolution of 1.5 km and maximum radial coverage of about 35-40 km. Surface ocean velocities estimated by HF Radar are representative of the upper 0.3-2.5 meters of the ocean. The Totals are the combination of the HFR data of the stations AURI and PIRA until 01/03/2023. The station IZOL was added on 01/03/2023 and the station TRI1 on 10/07/2023 .
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Ličer, M., Estival, S., Reyes-Suarez, C., Deponte, D., and Fettich, A.: Lagrangian modelling of a person lost at sea during the Adriatic scirocco storm of 29 October 2018, Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 20, 2335–2349,, 2020.
Flora, S., Ursella, L., and Wirth, A.: Superstatistical analysis of sea surface currents in the Gulf of Trieste, measured by high-frequency radar, and its relation to wind regimes using the maximum-entropy principle, Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 30, 515–525,, 2023.

OGS, NIB, ARSO, & ARPA FVG. (2023). HFR-NAdr (High Frequency Radar NAdr network). European HFR-Node.

Operating Institution:

The HF Radar Network has been designed, implemented and managed through the efforts of OGS-Trieste, NIB-Piran, ARSO-Slovenia, ARPA FVG.